When trying to sell a product or service to your target market, there are two different approaches you can take, push marketing or pull marketing.

What is Push or Pull Marketing?

“Push Marketing” is when you are giving information to a potential customer without them going out and seeking that information on their own. For example, a television commercial would be an example of push marketing because it is interrupting the program you are watching to push information in front of you about a particular product or service.

In contrast, “Pull Marketing” is when your information is actively tug of warbeing sought after by consumers to gain knowledge about a particular product or service. This type of marketing might come in the form of the search engine optimization and marketing of your website, where you are creating valuable resource information a potential customer might be looking for in order to pull them into your website.

Why Would You Use Push Marketing?

– Awareness

A benefit of push marketing in Columbus, Ohio is that it brings attention to your organization or your product by simply introducing it to a broader audience. This is helpful when trying to determine who your target market might be (Look into our “How to Determine Your Target Market for Your List Campaign” article for more advice on this topic).

– Test The Market

By sharing your information to a variety of people, you are able to confirm what products or services have a higher response rate or if a particular message is more affective than another. This can ultimately guide the future of your campaign towards the highest interest categories, thus focusing your attention on the more desirable parts of your business.

– Short Term Sales

By making a product or service convenient and easily accessible to a consumer through push marketing, you can increase your short-term sales and expose yourself to new clients. Pushing your product in front of your audience can ultimately aid your pull marketing techniques in the future.

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Why Pull Marketing is Effective

– Builds Your Brand Presence

To get a consumer in Columbus, Ohio to buy into your company’s services or merchandise they first have to trust that what they will be receiving will be top quality and satisfy their needs. The easiest way to prove your business’s credibility is to provide information that answers consumer questions. Take away any fear or doubt and build the reputation of your brand.

– Generates Demand

In allowing future customers to come to you, your company is able to bring interest to a particular campaign without using as many resources to thoroughly test the market as push marketing could necessitate. Though the avenue of providing information to draw customers in may require more development time and money, its ability to offer connections to satisfy a user long term shows potential to boost the demand and desire for your campaign item.

– Sparks a Discussion

One of the greatest side effects of pull marketing is that it gets people to interact with your organization. By creating a dialogue through social media or providing visuals on various media outlets, you are bringing a truth and passion to your creation that cannot always be conveyed by traditional advertising methods. Adapting to the desires of your potential clients eliminates the barrier between consumer and producer and instead brings the two together with passion and belonging.

How Does Capital List Bridge Push and Pull Marketing in Columbus, Ohio?

Essentially you need to know that the formula for success involves integrating these two marketing strategies. Capital List is that connection because of the amount of data and targeting they are able to provide with their marketing lists. Push marketing is more effective if the audience you are pushing your product on to already has a predisposition of interest. Creating a direct mail piece that advertises the newest, high-end cars specifically to a higher income family mailing list has a higher likelihood of converting and getting a response than sending that same mailer to families living in overpopulated apartments with lower income levels. In addition, having resources on your website that give more information about these hot new cars again increases the response rate to your direct mail piece. If the reader is able to pull valuable information from your marketing material, they are more likely to trust your company and explore what you have to offer (View our article “Are Direct Mail Advertisements Still an Effective Marketing Tool?” to learn more about the effectiveness of direct mailers). Hand in hand, these strategies become a powerful advertising campaign tool that can be enhanced with reaching out to the right audience.

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