List Service It CAN happen.

A good list company has good list.  A GREAT list company does more than just “sell lists.”
What defines a GREAT list company?

They’re not just an order-taker, giving what they have “on the shelf.”  

Great” list companies bring new viewpoints and thinking.  If all you wanted to do was to buy and hope that it would get your information to the prospects you wanted, you would look for the lowest cost provider.

What you want is a provider that can find better ways to come up with an optimized list – one that will get your materials in front of the people that you need to reach.  The best of list companies work in a collaborative fashion with their clients to source the best prospects. They don’t just “sell stuff,” they become part of your team and are integral to your success. They have to be able to demonstrate their ability to produce results.  

They listen to what you say and work on completely meeting your need.

Do they understand what you truly need and respond to that?  Or are they just waiting for you to take a breath so they can launch into a hardline sales pitch of what they have, rather than what you want? 

The best list companies will understand the complete range of characteristics of the prospects things you want to reach and source only the right targets.  They will be thorough and persevere in their search for the best match for your needs among all the thousands of list providers.

Although it may be a less expensive way to go, don’t settle for working with a list compiler, get a list broker who can search through the offerings of dozens of sources and pick the best one.  

How to Know the Difference Between a Great List Provider and a “SO-SO” One

The best resources are ones that have experience across multiple categories.  There are dozens of “experts” who only work with one vertical category or another – potential home buyers, for example.  

Those companies are probably NOT going to spend the time to find a series of “best list possible list” for you.  The tendency for these “vertically-oriented companies is to sell part of a larger list to each of their clients and try to avoid too much repetition amongst those “prospects” even though their information has been sold to multiple clients.  Those “prospects” have had so many offers made to them that they just ignore any new ones.

Good list brokers work hard, great ones work smart as well

Look for brokers that want to know everything possible about the product or service you want to sell AND will want to know all the intimate details of what makes the best prospect for them. The more they learn, the more they can make sure that any list they provide to is not only clean but also matches all “best prospect” characteristics.

The best of providers will work extremely hard because they to get a strong of long-term projects from you.  They will want to your source for counsel and advice. They will be happy to provide significant input on other parts of your efforts.  

For example, they will work with you to:

  1. Insure that you have the best type of content for the prospects you want to reach.
  2. Help you avoid any issues that could hurt your efforts
  3. Provide additional services – like emailing to new prospects that have not opted for emails from you, recommending how you can save money on carrier-route sorting and/or hauling direct pieces to the post office and more
  4. Recommend ways to save money and enhance your ROI

Always look for a GREAT resource, not just “the lowest bidder.”

Capital list is a highly experienced resource located in Columbus, Ohio.  Contact us at for any information on list acquisition and usage.

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