At Capital List we fully understand that everyone’s needs are different. From the New York, New York audiences your are looking to target with your direct mail marketing, to the fields you work in, Capital List is able to assist in many different ways. We understand every list is custom.

Though we are here as a resource, we acknowledge that in certain circumstances you might find it necessary to develop your list on your own. We want you to know that we are here to help guide you in the right direction with any questions you may have., our self serve program, has the highest quality files for most of your needs. The files are current, accurate, and deliverability guaranteed! Log in and see for yourself. It’s free to look!

Capital List’s Self Serve Option Offers Easy Step By Step Guides

Right away upon entering the homepage there are 6 different files listed:10

  • Consumer Database
  • Mortgage Database
  • Business Database
  • Resident Occupant Database
  • New Movers – 6 months
  • Prior Week’s New Movers

Each file has a description of what type of information is offered within this category such as “Our Consumer File is a comprehensive database of over 132 million households and more than 199 million individuals. The list is completely rebuilt every 60 days with monthly telephone refreshes and scrubbed against the DNC.”

In addition, this self-help portion of our site also offers information about when the latest update to the database was, how much pricing will cost per lead, and a quick start button. From here you are able to specify different categories you would like to have your list filtered by, such as geography, family information, documented areas of interest, etc. You are able to return to previous sections and revise search results to further narrow your target market or broaden your reach.

What Makes Capital List’s Self Service Tool Better Than Others Online?

Separating Capital List from it’s competitors is the extensive amount of information available to a Capital List client, as well as the smart features that make frequent list purchases easier to track and adapt to evolving market needs.

All of the possible customization options the self-serve list builder provides can sometimes become daunting, but Capital List is always there to help. Calling us to guide you through this process at 1-888-299-5478 is an option, but better yet, the self-serve list builder offers tips in the upper right hand corner, as well as an extensive Help/FAQ section. Ideal for any first time user, this FAQ section outlines everything you could possibly think of relating to this list generator software. Everything from definitions and abbreviations uncoded to strategy suggestions for evaluating your marketing list responses rates are all available within this tab at the top of the webpage. In addition, popup details are available within the database selection process to help your understand the customization choices you are making.

Contact us for free list research, mailing, E-mail and Telemarketing Lists of all types.

Call Toll Free: 1-888-299-5478

Advanced features like the “Merge/Purge” option allows users to combine multiple lists and eliminate repeat leads to maximize the output of this list developing software. In addition, having an account on this page allows frequent purchasers to save lists and store a record of their direct marketing database information online. Registered users even qualify for special pricing benefits! Also the report and analytic features that are available with this tool are valuable for pinpointing your most successful customization options. For example there is a Look-Alike Report that provides users with a list of potential new customers that share attributes with (or “look like”) their most-successful customer lists.

Having all of these tools at your fingertips is incredibly useful when looking to develop your next direct marketing campaign. We hope you enjoy exploring our website and testing our self serve program, even if only to gather information before contacting us directly to develop your next list. Contact us or fill out our quote request form to learn how your targeted marketing lists can become more successful than before.

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