How to Determine Your Target Market for Your List Campaign

Starting out, it is difficult to know exactly who your target market is in Chicago, Illinois. Even over time your ideal customers are subject to change. Therefore, it is important to evaluate your company and its products often to ensure your marketing campaigns are reaching the right people.

Below we have created a questionnaire to help you understand and define who you want your audience to be. The accompanying examples show how a makeup company might respond to this questionnaire.

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Defining Your Target Market Questionnaire

The Company

  1. What industry is your company in? A makeup company might be classified as a part of the “Fashion” industry or part of the “Health and Beauty” industry
  2. What is your company’s motto or what does your company value very highly? The makeup company’s motto might have to do with feeling beautiful in your own skin and they might value enhancing natural beauty with complementary makeup accents.

The Product/Service

  1. What product or services are your top sellers? Who is buying these items? Mascara and eye shadow might be a best seller among young women.
  2. What product or services are you struggling to sell? Who are you not selling these things to currently? Foundation cover-up is a struggle to sell to the older generation.
  3. What is your competition’s main selling product or service? The makeup company’s rival might also be thriving in their sale of mascara and eye shadow.
  4. What are some new products or services you want to offer? Healthy, mineral rich products that don’t weigh down your face when you apply them and wear them all day.

The “It” Factor

  1. What separates your product or service from what the competition is offering? This makeup company offers quality products that hold all day long, they are lightweight, and contain healthy minerals in the formula.
  2. What is the main selling feature for your top product or service? The eye shadow and mascara products sell because they come in a variety of colors and styles to be able to customize your look and show off your personality.

The Current Perceived Market

  1. What are the top 3 common factors defining who purchases your current product or service? For example, a makeup company might say that (1) women (2) ages 15 to 35 (3) living in high income areas are their largest consumers of a particular foundation cover-up.
  2. What are the lives of these people like? These women are busy going to school and working while going through transitional phases and defining what their personality, interests and lifestyle will be like for the future.
  3. How long have they been customers? Most of these women are new consumers who have started to purchase from this makeup company within the last 10 years.

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The Ideal Future Market

  1. What are 3 less common, but potentially marketable, characteristics of customers purchasing your products or using your services? For example, that same before mentioned makeup company might say that they want to expand the number of women (1) ages 50 to 75 in (2) medium income homes (3) that have grandchildren who currently do not purchase from their foundation cover-up collection.
  2. Why aren’t these products or services selling right now? There is a lack of awareness of the older generation about the quality of this natural formula of foundation because it is a newer product and brand that they are unfamiliar with.
  3. How do we need to address this target market that we are not currently in? Women ages 50 to 75 are more likely to read a physical mailer sent to their homes than to dig deep into an email campaign.

After answering these questions, you will have outlined some of the key components to determining your target market now and in the future.

Using the makeup company examples in our sample questionnaire we could find a whole new target market to pursue with the women ages 50 to 75 that have grandchildren. We could build a whole direct mailer campaign selling the healthy mineral content that will make these gracefully aged women feel rejuvenated while playing with their grandchildren and elated when taking family photos with the little ones running around the house. This could be in the form of a miniature catalogue sent in the mail with a sample of the foundation product and with details about the healthy mineral content.

Taking the time to complete a questionnaire like this can be a great way to narrow down and summarize your goals for a new direct marketing campaign targeting Chicago, Illinois. Do your research and when it comes time to talk about creating a mailing list, email marketing list, or telemarketing phone list with Capital List, you’ll have all the information we need to provide specific, detailed, and accurate list suggestions for you.

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