Direct mail marketing has long been one of the most effective marketing tools utilized by companies to grow their businesses.  Whether you are looking to sell a product or service, or need access to mailing information to make reaching out to a target audience easier, you want to obtain your mailing lists from a provider you can trust.  Capital List has been in the business of providing mailing lists for over twenty years.  You can rely on their experience and expertise to provide you the customized list you need to make your campaign a success.  

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What does a direct mailing list provider do?

Direct mail marketing is sending marketing materials or products directly to the homes of consumers or offices of businesses via the mail. The marketing materials can include anything from postcards with an offer, to catalogs, coupons, solicitation letters from nonprofits, or free samples sent by businesses. The possibilities truly are endless. 

Direct mail brokers, like Capital List, provide more than just lists to physical addresses. Capital List provides email addresses (in compliance with the CAM-SPAM Act) and telephone numbers to meet all the marketing news of its clients.  

To save businesses time and money, Capital List provides its clients with targeted lists. Those targeted lists are designed for the purpose of increasing the response rate and to reduce the communication to unqualified recipients. Capital List can customize a targeted list based on geographic area or demographic information such as age, sex, income level or parental status. An excellent direct mail list broker, like Capital List, will create a customized list so that you get the most out of your marketing initiative.  

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Capital List: The premier direct mailing list provider

When it comes to direct mailing list providers, you have options. That said, you want to select a direct mailing list provider that is experienced, is going to provide you with the best data, and offers excellent customer services. For those reasons and more, Capital List is far superior to its competition. Capital List is able to expertly construct a list that best meets your needs so that you can yield a high return on your marketing investment.  Here are just a few reasons why Capital List is the best choice for your direct mailing needs.  

1. Superior Customer Service

We have been an industry leader in providing direct mailing lists for over 20 years. Building strong relationships with our customers is at the core of our business model and is one of the primary reasons our business has flourished over the last two-plus decades.  We often work with customers who come to us with questions on how to get the most out of their marketing campaigns. We make the investment to spend time getting to know our clients and understand exactly what it is they’re looking for so that they are getting the most out of their dollars spent. At Capital List, we want to get to know you, your business, and who you are targeting for your services.  Our commitment to serving our clients is beyond compare.  

2. Client testimonials

We have forged strong relationships with our clients over the years. Those clients come back to us time and time again and have become the greatest champions of our services. Through their own testimonials, you will learn how Capital List has committed their time and expertise to provide excellent customer service and refined data to help ensure our clients success. 

3. Complimentary Services

We provide free quotes to our customers and prospective clients.  We offer this complimentary service to show our commitment to serving you so that you are making the best decisions for your business.

4. Unparalleled customization produces the best data

Each of our customers has different needs. Their businesses are diverse, dynamic, and positioned for growth. Our customers are small business owners and large corporations.  We work with nonprofits and public organizations.  We provide our services for small community-based campaigns and national marketing initiatives alike.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide excellence in the customization of the lists we provide.  Our customization ability separates us from our competition. With access to over 250 million targeted addresses with hundreds of demographic options and interest categories to choose from, we have the ability to match your campaign needs with the precision you require.

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The benefits of working with a direct mailing list provider 

The largest corporations and the smallest business or organizations can equally benefit by using a targeting mailing list and utilizing the services of a direct mailing list provider.  Some of the benefits of using customized targeted lists generated by expert direct mailing lists providers, like Capital List, are outlined below.  

  • You can target recipients very precisely.
  • You can protect against overwhelming response. With direct mail, you can start out with a modest-size mailing to study the response to make sure you are equipped to  handle the response.
  • You can create a campaign to fit within your budget.
  • Direct mailing produces a quicker result than a more traditional advertising campaign.
  • You can test different approaches to your marketing strategy and determine, based upon the response, which strategy is most effective. For instance, is a “free offer” generating the highest response rate?  You will have the opportunity to assess your most effective strategy.
  • You can never run out of prospects. Use your imagination to find new niche direct-mail markets for your products, whether retail or business-to-business. Your mail list broker or mailing provider can suggest possible target markets worth trying.  This is where Capital List and their years of experience and expertise, makes a difference.

Working with accurate, up-to-date, targeted mailing lists provided through Capital List gives your organization an important advantage in reaching your consumer. Capital List will provide excellent customer service and expert customization of your targeted list to ensure your campaign has the best chance for success.  

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Why Capital List is the direct mailing list provider of choice

Whether you’re a big advertising agency endeavoring on a national campaign or a small vendor looking to market its product locally, Capital List can create a customized and targeted list to help you get the most out of your marketing dollars.  With over twenty years of experience providing excellent customer service and a wealth of expertise in creating targeted lists based on a variety of customer needs, Capital List is truly your mail list broker of choice. We care about our customers and want to see them enjoy success in their marketing campaigns. Our commitment to our customer is among the many reasons we have so many repeat customers over the years as we have worked diligently to foster a relationship with each of them. Engaging Capital List as your mailing list broker will enable you to enjoy the same level of superior customer service while tapping into into its years of experience and expertise in creating customized lists for your marketing campaign.

We value integrity

Capital List only sources data from respected compilers that continually run data hygiene and suppression services to ensure accuracy and compliance with current postal guidelines.  Furthermore, all of its resources and lists are compliant with applicable laws and regulations including the CAN-SPAM Act. 

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