Do-It-Yourself Lead Generation in Denver, Colorado Versus Purchasing Lists With Capital List

Finding good, quality lead data is a talent that some excel at while others struggle. No matter the circumstances, knowing whom your trying to reach will be the foundation of a successful promotional campaign. Skilled list brokers, like Capital List, can strengthen that foundation by putting together list options to ensure you have wide variety of potential lead lists to choose from. Capital List knows that no matter what type of list you need (postal, mobile, email, or telemarketing) having a trusted direct marketing list provider, like Capital List, is the way to go.

Building a Do-It-Yourself Targeted Market Campaign in Denver, Colorado

The first recommendation Capital List gives when beginning to work with a new client on creating a targeted marketing list is for that company to identify what types of leads they are looking for. You might be thinking, “well if I’m going to do the research I might as well create the list on my own.” If that is something your looking to pursue, Capital List has a Self-Serve List Builder linked on the website. Read more about this tool in the article “Customizing Your Marketing List with Capital List’s Self Serve Program”. Essentially, this tool allows you to walk through and specify different filters and choices for the types of leads you need.

The Self-Serve List Builder is a great idea for those looking to be hands on in the lead selection process. This application is also useful as a guide for how to define specific factors for your Denver, Colorado list. It allows the Capital List client to get a sense of how to define specific qualifications that they want in their marketing list. For example, in opening up the program, you are able to see the different categories to separate your data and information: consumer database, mortgage database, business data, residential occupant database, new movers- 6 months, and prior week’s new movers. Within each category there are other filtering groups that allow you to generate your specific mailing list you’d like to purchase. It’s also great because this feature is available online 24 hours a day 7 days a week! If you are using this tool to get ideas for your company, you might find that having Capital List assist your research is one of the fastest ways to get results.

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Simple, Clear, and Precise Direct Marketing Lists from Capital List

Whether your list will be used for a direct mail program, e-mail marketing, finding prospects by text, or gathering postal information, Capital List is able to guide your marketing contact list towards the right target audience. As list brokers we work for the end user or their representative. Therefore, we are providing options and information that are in your best interests. We ask questions that help define who you are looking to reach. We then offer options and ideas that can help save time and money.

What separates Capital List from other list brokers is that we understand direct marketing data. As a business owner your time is crucial in the creation stage of your products and services. The marketing stage can grow into something overwhelming, so it’s good to have a reliable team by your side. These partnerships benefit Capital List by giving us experience in working with different fields and demographics. This then allows us to give more accurate and relevant advice, reducing your expenses. Having a data specialist on your side can ultimately boost the success of your lead generation process. The more resources you have available to you, the more unique and attention grabbing you can adapt your mailing list campaign.

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Your direct marketing list is the key to delivering your message to the proper individual. We offer free advice to help you clarify your target audience. This development can be crucial to the creative design, copywriting, and direct mail production process. Check out our Self Serve program online at for ideas on where to begin your list or give us a call at 1-888-299-5478 for expert advice concerning your new marketing mailing list.

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