The Educational Market Continues to Be HIGHLY CompetitiveApple

Success is not just quantitative, it’s qualitative as well. Every school wants to get more high-quality students.

However, maintaining or, better yet, increasing the number of students enrolled is critical. It’s what makes it possible for a school to be financially healthy. Like airlines, hotels and concert venues, “filling seats” is what pays the bills.

At Capital List, we study our business – and yours – very closely. We have helped many clients over many years to reach families that are motivated to place their children in “the right school.” That work has involved working with clients targeting households with children from ages 0-3 all the way up to youth who are high school and college prospects.

We do more than just source what we consider to be very best lists, we also learn and learn from the work we do with our clients.

Pre-k to Grade12: What do Parents Want?

What Parents WantThe results of multiple studies done over the years indicate that parents want their children to do better and be better.

However, parents also want their children to be with a milieu of fellow students whose parents have the same goal – Using school as a stepping stone to a “better life.’

Universities, Colleges, Technical/Vo-Ed Schools

Graduating secondary school students and their families are obviously important prospective for everything from technical training all the way up to post-graduate degrees. Students who do well after graduation make a school much more attractive. That reputation is important not only for their parents but also for businesses that may be paying all or part of their tuition.

Recent studies point out a new set of concerns for post-secondary schools.

  • Right fit for my child:
    • 75% of parents of graduating high school students expressed concerns about whether or not a college is a “good fit” for their child
    • This actually ranked as the most important item.
  • Don’t Provide Real World Skills: Parents of current college students and recent college graduates felt that there was a major gap between what they want and what colleges provide.
    • Over 70% of parents surveyed ranked “acquisition of real-world marketable skills” as highly important.
    • Only 43% felt that their child’s college delivered on this objective.
      (Source: study)

Bottom: Whatever the Level of Educational Marketing, it must:

  • Reach the right demographic groups
  • Have unique and compelling content
  • Be based on core values that resonate with parents’ concerns

Capital List can help with multiple areas.

We have a great deal of experience providing high-quality lists for precisely targeted listings for:

Pre-k to Grade12
We can provide highly-targeted lists for:
• Families with children • New parents • Children by age •Children by grade level • Families by total
HHI (Household Income) and other key selections

Plus, we have worked with many:
• Private schools: • Day care centers • Preschools • Kindergartens • High schools • School districts
and others trying to reach groups based on a wide range of variables

High Schools Graduates, College Graduates

We have very comprehensive and extremely up-to-lists for:
• Recent graduates • Students graduating during the current year OR scheduled for next year

We can help you fine tune lists targeting children and youth- and their parents – of virtually every type AND share what we have learned from our clients.

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