Generating a list of business leads for your organization starts with knowing your prospects and customers. Capital List provides lists of business leads and list research based on your current customers and prospects through your own knowledge or by using our modeling software*. Once we know about your current clients and prospects demographic, characteristics and locations we generate leads that closely match those criteria. These may come from a

• compiled list,
• specialty list,
• journal or magazine subscribers,
• membership list or
• list of license holders.

List Formats

Business leads are available in different formats depending on your specific needs. These may be in the form of

• Postal Leads,
• Telemarketing Leads,
• E-mail Marketing Leads,
• IP Addresses or
• some combination of the former.

In some instances where privacy and deliverability can be an issue–such as E-mail and IP marketing, we provide the service. In most cases the leads are delivered to you or your marketing service.

A Unique Business Lead List

As a business lead list brokerage we work for you! We are in the business list marketplace every day researching leads for our clients and negotiating deals. Your project is as critical for us as it is for you. Our success is driven by your results so we want the best business leads for your project. Knowing every business lead list is unique, we often provide you with multiple options to be sure you get the most appropriate data available. In most cases we get much better data at a lower cost by dealing directly with the vendor because of our knowledge and volume. Pricing varies dramatically depending on the type and quantity of leads. Price ranges can be as little as a few cents to well over a dollar per lead.

Return on Investment

Your most important consideration when it comes to cost of your Business Leads should always be driven by ROI (Return on Investment). When considering any marketing campaign, start by evaluating the return on winning one new customer and their value over time. Then add up the cost of the entire campaign. Determine how many new customers you will need to offset the cost of the campaign. Ask yourself if this campaign has a reasonable chance to deliver those results. High ticket items and long term customers will offset costs more quickly than low ticket items and one time purchasers.

Contact us with any questions about business lead lists. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your next project!

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