Direct mail can be an effective way to reach your potential customers. In order for it to be a success, it must contain two important components: (1) a highly targeted list, and (2) an enticing invitation to make your recipients open it.

Without those two components, your direct mail marketing piece will be among the 75% of all direct mail pieces that ends up in the trash unopened.

But rest assured, Capital List has got you covered. We have eight ways you can ensure your direct mail is opened and read once it gets to its destination.

Depending on the type of business you have and your specific strategy, you may want your direct mail to look like it came from someone your recipient knows. Or, you may choose to make it apparent that it’s a promotional piece coming their way.

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How do I get my direct mail opened?

Whichever strategy you choose, keep the following eight suggestions in mind:

1. Address your direct mail to an actual person.

Fortunately, this can be achieved easily with a current, accurate direct mail list like those provided by Capital List. A letter addressed to “Mr. John Smith” or “Mrs. Ann Hines” is more personal than a letter addressed to “Current Resident” or “To Be Opened By Addressee.”

2. Handwrite the address.

If you’re in the camp that wants your recipient to think the letter may be from someone he or she knows, handwriting the name and address is a nice touch. If there are too many to personalize like that, use printing technology to make it look like it was handwritten.

3. Return address strategy.

Use an actual return address label with a street address instead of a P.O. Box, and without your company’s name.

4. Use a real stamp.

Consider using a stamp that has a seasonal theme or is part of a collector’s edition. You can even put it on a little crooked to make it look like it was personally applied.

5. Packaging counts.

If you’re going for a promotional piece, a professional, high quality, glossy postcard or envelope makes a positive first impression. If you have the budget, you may want to…

6. Make it dimensional.

Put your message in anything that isn’t flat, like a box or a tube. Adding a coin, a pen or a mini toy to the outside will increase your chances of it getting opened.

7. Get their attention.

Powerful words such as “FREE,” “Limited Offer,” or “On Sale” imply deadlines and will make your recipient not want to miss out on the great deal.

8. Create curiosity and interest.

You won’t want to give away all of the information on the envelope or package. Invite your recipients to open the direct mail with phrases “Take a peek inside to learn more!” or “Check out your limited offer!”

A highly targeted list and strategies for getting direct mail open is a winning combination. When you have them both, you have the best chances of achieving success in your direct mail marketing campaign.

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At Capital List, we guarantee deliverability of your message right to the mailboxes of new Columbus homeowners. The focus of our business is lists and lists only, which makes us experts in our industry. Our extensive experience has give us the knowledge and professionalism to provide exceptional service to our customers.

Thank you Sam and Bill with Capital List for making my job a lot easier. Your quick response and list knowledge is 1st class. I know that when I purchase a list from you that I am getting the exact info I need for my clients. Until I found you guys, my list orders of the past, were complete nightmares. Thanks again for all your hard work!
– R.B. New Orleans, LA

Outstanding Service! Capital List has exceeded my expectations! The helpful staff made getting my job done a whole lot easier. I would recommend them to anyone needing direct mail services.
– K.B. Zanesville, Ohio

Capital List pulled through for me. I am so impressed with how quickly Sam helped resolve my client’s mailing list issues. We were on a very tight print deadline and Capital List pulled through for me. The mailing went out without a hitch and ON TIME!! I will be referring more clients to Capital List.
– Cindy Elmer Lewis Center, OH

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