Whenever you consider investing in a marketing effort, the big question is – “Will I make a good return (ROI) on this?”

Direct Marketing (DM) projects make it easy to determine potential profit.  You KNOW when you mail or email an offer and any positive response to that offer goes directly into your revenue.  Then, you can easily evaluate whether or not the investment paid dividends – was profitable.

Here is a simple and easy way to evaluate your DM investment.  Just “plug in” your numbers to see how well your DM project should work.

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  • Cost of mailing times the number of pieces mailed
  • Include cost of the list, printing and postage


Figure out the number of leads you have to follow up

  1. Multiply number mailed times normal response (+/- 2%)
  2. Multiply result times normal close rate (10%)
  3. Multiply sales times average $ sale times number of sales

Result = Revenue (Revenue – cost = profit!)

  1. ROI = Revenue – Cost divided by Cost

Healthy Club

In the example above, even if only 5 sales were made (5 X $700 = $3,500) ROI would be over 100%.  Direct marketing can be quite profitable – IF you have a very good list.

Investment in a list that can be tailored by specific attributes to be as close to your existing “best customers” is worth every penny.  Characteristics like age, household income, children or not, location, and others should be used to provide the best chance for success.

Both visual and written content is CRITICAL.  The closer that images  and tone of the writing is to the audience’s preferences, the better the results.

It’s important to note that email lists need to have the same degree of detail.  While there is no postage cost for email, visual and written content, particularly in the subject line, are extremely important.

The better the list – and the content – the higher your ROI will be.  A slightly higher investment in the list and content can produce MUCH higher response and close rates.

Do your own math to see if your DM project is worth considering.  And, remember that Capital List is always available to provide advice as well as the best lists to get your offer to your best prospects!

What Customers are saying about our targeted email lists

At Capital List, we guarantee deliverability of your message right to the mailboxes of families with young children. The focus of our business is lists and lists only, which makes us experts in our industry. Our extensive experience has give us the knowledge and professionalism to provide exceptional service to our customers.

Thank you Sam and Bill with Capital List for making my job a lot easier. Your quick response and list knowledge is 1st class. I know that when I purchase a list from you that I am getting the exact info I need for my clients. Until I found you guys, my list orders of the past, were complete nightmares. Thanks again for all your hard work!
– R.B. New Orleans, LA

Outstanding Service! Capital List has exceeded my expectations! The helpful staff made getting my job done a whole lot easier. I would recommend them to anyone needing direct mail services.
– K.B. Zanesville, Ohio

Capital List pulled through for me. I am so impressed with how quickly Sam helped resolve my client’s mailing list issues. We were on a very tight print deadline and Capital List pulled through for me. The mailing went out without a hitch and ON TIME!! I will be referring more clients to Capital List.
– Cindy Elmer Lewis Center, OH

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