As a Marketing professional, you’re often busy with deadlines, creative responsibilities and approvals. When you’re planning a Direct Mail campaign, the leads are the last thing you want to have to source yourself.  At Capital List, we take the burden out of list acquisition for Direct Marketing!

Need Lists for Direct Marketing?

If you do Direct Marketing, you already know what a hassle it is to do all the research and the time it takes to get the right list.  Even when you think you have, are you confident that your vendor has your back if something goes wrong?  Did your vendor give you a guarantee?  Will they stand behind you and provide exceptional service?

We find the lists you need for Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Email and SMS.

There is a place to go and get the list you need every time whether it’s for Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Email or SMS. That place is Capital List! We don’t sell you what we’ve got, we find you what you need.

Compilers and List Managers maintain their own files, so they try to sell you what they own.  Capital List doesn’t.  We work for you!  We have experience working with all the major compilers and list managers and know where to find the best list for your job.  We’ve been finding the best lists for over 20 years because we understand that every project is custom, and you deserve the best list for your project.

Contact us for free list research, mailing, E-mail and Telemarketing Lists of all types.

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Capital List provides free research and lists tailored specifically for your needs.

Could you find your own list, of course?  However, that takes your time away from other responsibilities. You’ll probably pay more and may still not be getting the best list available.

If you do Direct Marketing, you owe it to yourself to give Capital List a call about your list needs.  There is no obligation.  List research is always free and often there are options available that may be helpful to consider.   Contact us now 888 299-LIST, visit, or fill out the simple list request form here!

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