America’s families provide thriving opportunities for marketers. Families with young children have an ongoing and endless need for products and services to support their growing families. Marketing to this demographic can be have it’s challenges because it is constantly changing. Even though these challenges exist, mail marketing is an effective tool for Columbus, Ohio audiences. Capital List can provide your company with direct mailing lists and email marketing lists for families with young children in Columbus, Ohio.

Mailing list of families with young children in Columbus, OH

Children won’t stay young forever. Parents that need disposable diapers, bottles or affordable childcare options will someday be purchasing video games, name-brand clothing or the latest and greatest gadgets. Parents who were in the market for a mini van will someday need a car for a teen driver. They’ll go on vacations, save for college, buy a bigger house or need additional healthcare and insurance for their young children. Most companies have their work cut out for them when it comes to appealing to different family members and having products and services that young families need! The challenge is to get your products and services in front of your prospects. Your marketing department can reach this ever-changing segment of American’s population with an direct mail or email marketing list from Capital List.

Get a targeted mailing list of families with young children

Your company can gain the loyalty of Columbus families for years to come. Your email marketing strategy is a key component to winning their trust and starting that key relationship. Families want to know that your company is reliable and your products and services live up to the value they place on their family. Having a targeted email list is part of what helps you gain this trust and reach your goal.

A targeted direct mail marketing list is a personalized way to connect with the audience who can best benefit from the products or services you have to offer. Having a high quality email marketing list helps you reach the prospects you want. When you have a targeted list, you can save your business time and money by sending your message directly to the individuals who have indicated that they want to hear it. You’ll be weeding out the families who would otherwise throw away your mail. A targeted list wants your information, and will be interested in opening it and reading it.

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Why Choose Capital List to provide your Columbus, OH email list?

Capital List is a Columbus based list brokerage service that provides our customers with highly targeted direct mailing lists. We understand that you have a lot of list brokerages to choose from. We set ourselves apart from our competition by offering current, high quality and accurate lists that get you the results you want.

Our direct mail marketing lists are made from scratch and customized to fit your needs. We have access to over 250 million targeted email addresses with hundreds of demographic options and interest categories. We pull data from many different resources to provide you with the most targeted audience for your specific campaign. Once you have your mailing list, we also offer guidance on how to best use it.

Capital List’s email marketing list of parents with young children allows you to offer parents a solution to a problem they have or an answer to a question. You’ll be giving them important information, enticing them to learn more about your offer, or encouraging them to purchase a product or service without ever having to leave the house to shop for it. A targeted direct mail marketing list is a service that pays for itself. Looking for related lists to “parents with young children?” Order a list of “new homeowners in Columbus!”

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What Customers are saying about our targeted email lists

At Capital List, we guarantee deliverability of your message right to the mailboxes of families with young children. The focus of our business is lists and lists only, which makes us experts in our industry. Our extensive experience has give us the knowledge and professionalism to provide exceptional service to our customers.

Thank you Sam and Bill with Capital List for making my job a lot easier. Your quick response and list knowledge is 1st class. I know that when I purchase a list from you that I am getting the exact info I need for my clients. Until I found you guys, my list orders of the past, were complete nightmares. Thanks again for all your hard work!
– R.B. New Orleans, LA

Outstanding Service! Capital List has exceeded my expectations! The helpful staff made getting my job done a whole lot easier. I would recommend them to anyone needing direct mail services.
– K.B. Zanesville, Ohio

Capital List pulled through for me. I am so impressed with how quickly Sam helped resolve my client’s mailing list issues. We were on a very tight print deadline and Capital List pulled through for me. The mailing went out without a hitch and ON TIME!! I will be referring more clients to Capital List.
– Cindy Elmer Lewis Center, OH

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