New homeowners are an ideal target audience for marketers. Individuals and couples who have purchased a new residence have an endless need for items and services to make their house a home. Reaching this target audience is crucial for many business owners. Is your marketing strategy effective in reaching this population? A tailored mailing list of new homeowners can help you easily reach them with your direct mail.

Mailing list of new homeowners

Whether they bought an existing home or built it themselves, new homeowners will have a working list of things they want to add, remove or change. They’ll be interested in home improvement projects such as painting, new carpeting, or adding a patio or deck. They may want a security system, a fence, a lawnmower or new appliances. They’ll be considering homeowner’s insurance, taxes and budgeting. Maybe they want a dog, or are thinking about starting a family.

The items and services new homeowners want and need will continue to grow and change indefinitely. If you have a product or service that could help a new homeowner, you can introduce your business and explain its value by contacting them through a targeted mailing list.

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What is a targeted mailing list?

A targeted mailing list is a list of potential customers who can benefit from the products or services you have to offer. A targeted list is like a “warm lead.” You can save your business time and money by sending your message directly to the individuals who you know want and need your information.

The correct list contains valuable possibilities for generating leads and securing loyal customers. Your campaign is personally addressed to them, from you, and arrives as a welcomed message in their mailboxes, on their mobile devices, or in their email inboxes.

Why Choose Capital List To Reach New Homeowners?

Capital List is a list brokerage service that provides our customers with highly targeted direct mail lists and permission based email and mobile marketing lists. Since we focus solely on preparing the perfect lists for our customers, we are proud to be considered experts in our field.

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Our marketing lists are compiled exclusively for each of our customers according to their needs. We have access to over 250 million targeted email addresses with hundreds of demographic options and interest categories. We pull data from many different resources to provide you with the most targeted audience for your specific campaign.

Our lists are accurate, guaranteed for deliverability, and are 100% compliant with the CAN-SPAM act of 2003. We are committed to the success of your direct marketing campaign, and are there to support you from beginning to the end.

Let us help you successfully deliver your message to new homeowners. For more information about our company or our mailing lists of new homeowners, contact us today at 1-888-299-5478, or complete the form below.

What customers are saying about our targeted email lists

At Capital List, we guarantee deliverability of your message right to the mailboxes of new homeowners. The focus of our business is lists and lists only, which makes us experts in our industry. Our extensive experience has give us the knowledge and professionalism to provide exceptional service to our customers.

Thank you Sam and Bill with Capital List for making my job a lot easier. Your quick response and list knowledge is 1st class. I know that when I purchase a list from you that I am getting the exact info I need for my clients. Until I found you guys, my list orders of the past, were complete nightmares. Thanks again for all your hard work!
– R.B. New Orleans, LA

Outstanding Service! Capital List has exceeded my expectations! The helpful staff made getting my job done a whole lot easier. I would recommend them to anyone needing direct mail services.
– K.B. Zanesville, Ohio

Capital List pulled through for me. I am so impressed with how quickly Sam helped resolve my client’s mailing list issues. We were on a very tight print deadline and Capital List pulled through for me. The mailing went out without a hitch and ON TIME!! I will be referring more clients to Capital List.
– Cindy Elmer Lewis Center, OH

Let us help you deliver your message to new homeowners. For more information about our business or email marketing, contact us today at 1-888-299-5478, or complete the form below. If you are interested in our mailing lists for new homeowners, check out our mailing lists for families with young children!

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Frequently asked questions about our list service:

Why should I use a list broker?

Within our industry there are list compilers, list managers and list brokers. The advantage of using a list broker such as Capital List, is complete access to the hundreds of specific lists available. List compilers or managers may only specialize in a few types of lists. They may force you into the lists that they compile or manage which may not be the best fit for your project. Many of these companies also offer their lists on the internet for purchase. This may be an option for experienced mailers, but most companies require extensive consultation. At Capital List, our knowledge and experience allow us to provide our clients with the most targeted, up-to-date file for their promotion.

Where do you get your lists?

Capital list only sources data from the most respected list compilers and list managers. Every list company has strengths and weaknesses. We help our clients avoid costly mistakes. We have partnerships with the best sources to help you reach your target audience.

How often are your lists updated?

All lists are updated on a regular basis. The frequency depends on the type of list. Some files are updated monthly, some quarterly and some are updated at the time of order processing. We can give you specific update dates at the time of process/order.

How accurate are your lists?

We only source the best files for accuracy. No list is perfect since they contain millions of records and are continually changing. We Guarantee our Consumer and Occupant Lists to be over 95% deliverable and our Business Lists to be over 90% deliverable. Any returns beyond those limits will be replaced or credited. Please see our website for details. Specialty lists have different guarantees depending on the file and compiler.

What types of marketing lists are available?

Hundreds of lists with thousands of targeted filters/selects! We do the legwork and list research at no additional cost to you!

What is a specialty list?

A Specialty List is a list that is outside the standard Consumer or Business list files. Some examples of specialty lists would be: Physicians by specialty or type of practice, New Movers/New Home Owners, Pet Owners, Graduating High School & College seniors, Bankruptcy information, Brides-to-be, Auto Loan Lease information, New Parents, Interests Hobbies, Boat Owners, Motorcycle owners and modeled credit file data just to name a few.

What is the typical turn-around time for my list order?

Most lists are e-mailed the same day that they are ordered. Some specialty files can take an extra day for processing.

What is the process and how do I get started with a targeted marketing list?

The first step is research through some fact-finding. We prefer to speak with our clients over the phone. Customers can also complete the request for quote form on our website to get the process started. We ask many questions like: who is your target audience for your promotion? What is the target geography for your promotion? Do you have a target quantity? We then run free “counts” (the number of records available) from the best file available and provide pricing. We can fine-tune your list in many ways. And our goal is to consult our clients through the process.

I don’t have a good idea of who my customers are. Can you help me?

Through our modeling process we can profile your best customer file in an automated process that matches your list against a national compiled database to create a market penetration analysis. The resulting report highlights how your customers differ from those in your marketing universe. We can then apply the intelligence of your penetration analysis to your target market to create a custom prospect audience that looks like your best customers. Contact us for more information.