Senior citizens are among the largest group of people who are interested in travel.

They are ready to discover the beautiful sights in the world. They’ve raised their families, retired from their careers, and are looking forward to enjoying their golden years. They want to relax and do the traveling they were unable to do earlier in their lives because of restrictions from work and children.

Now is their time. Senior citizens are frequent flyers. They enjoy cruises, golf vacations and leisure time. They may be unaware of the destinations and opportunities that are available to them. You can educate them and give them choices. And you can reach those retired senior citizens through a targeted mailing list.

Targeted Mailing Lists For Seniors

Capital List’s targeted mailing lists contain all the information you need to form a smart, educated direct mail campaign. Our comprehensive lists narrow down your mailing to the audience who is most likely to buy. We can be as specific as you need us to be in order to target retired senior citizens in a variety of categories, such as:

Frequent Flyer Seniors

With our mailing lists, you can identify those senior citizens who are frequent flyers. Knowing how senior citizens like to travel is as important as knowing where they like to go. Seniors that prefer to travel by air will appreciate knowing their options.

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Seniors Who Enjoy Cruises

Visiting cities around the world via a luxury cruise line is a popular vacation choice for senior citizens. Cruises offer retirees the perfect combination of sight seeing and relaxing days aboard a ship. Touring beautiful cities, enjoying activities on the ship, and appreciating the splendor of the ocean are many reasons why retirees enjoy cruises.

Seniors Who Enjoy Golf Vacations

Golf is a popular sport for people of all ages, but especially senior citizens. Many seniors have golfed all of their lives, while others take it up or improve their game after retirement. Beautiful golf courses all over the country are popular vacation destinations for seniors who enjoy the sport.

Retired People Who Enjoy Leisure Time

Many seniors don’t want to be on a schedule. They just want to enjoy the leisure time they’ve worked their whole lives for. They are open to suggestions on ways to relax and enjoy time with their spouses, friends and family without the stress of a schedule.

Use Capital List For Your Senior Citizen Travel Lists

Capital List is your company’s answer to the most highly targeted list of senior citizens interested in travel. Our mailing lists are compiled using thousands of demographic and psychographic selections that give you the exact information you are looking for. We have access to the best resources, which gets you the most accurate data for your direct marketing campaign, and the best results for your investment.

Capital List provides highly targeted direct mail lists and permission based email and mobile marketing lists to our customers. We focus solely on lists, which we guarantee to be accurate, current and deliverable. Our staff is knowledgeable, professional, and committed to exceptional customer service (link to testimonials).

Let us help you deliver your message to retirees and senior citizens interested in travel. For more information about our company or our targeted mailing lists, contact us today at 1-888-299-5478, or complete the form below.

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