Many organizations are marketing or planning marketing programs to Senior Citizens in Columbus, Ohio. Adult Seniors have needs for all types of products and services and many of them have specific needs, especially the older group of Seniors, eighty and up. Identifying significant sub-groups of adult seniors can be a challenging but important task for the marketing professional. Marketing to sub-sets of this population will differ widely from one another.  I’m going to give you a breakdown of the distinct senior groups and how to develop your marketing strategy to each one.

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Marketing to senior citizens in Columbus, Ohio

The first group of senior citizens that I have identified are the older group, age 80 plus. These folks have lived far beyond the life expectancy anticipated during their childhood and may have some special health requirements. They may live with a caregiver that could be a spouse or other family member. They may be in Senior Housing or have some form of in-home-care. Many of these may have medical needs that require special equipment such as hospital beds, oxygen equipment, stair lifts or a wheelchair just to name a few. They may need transportation services, since many of them no longer drive a car. These are just some examples of this group’s special requirements.
The next group of Columbus senior citizens are the 65 to 79 age group. These folks tend to be in better health and for that reason have different lifestyles. Many of these folks have downsized and are empty nesters with a home to maintain. Many may have the means to travel and want to work on their bucket list. They may need to travel to see children and grandchildren that have moved away. All of them have Medicare options to consider each year during open enrollment.

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Identifying senior citizens in your marketing plan

It can be difficult to draw the line in your marketing plan on who is a senior and who isn’t! The final group we identified is the 55 to 64 age group. They are the freshman to the Senior Citizens market. Many of them don’t even consider themselves as Senior Citizens and marketers shouldn’t either in their approach. These folks are mostly working individuals. Many of these families still have adult children at home or in college. They have most of the same needs as the next generation has, but with a twist. These folks may be considering downsizing or may want to update their current home. They may be grappling with some new health related issue or need to change their lifestyle to accommodate their aging bodies. Some are helping their children launch, planning for a child’s wedding or anticipating a career change. They might be looking forward to retirement or may be seeking another income opportunity. Some may be planning their dream job doing something they always wanted to do.

Any of these Columbus Senior Citizen groups can be identified and further refined beyond age, using many additional characteristics and survey data. Let us help you make your offer much more appealing and your conversion rates much higher. Contact Capital List if you would like to discuss your project with a Direct Marketing professional. We’re here to help you reach the most appropriate group of senior adults, with your message that will resonate in their life situation.

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Why should I use a list broker?

Within our industry there are list compilers, list managers and list brokers. The advantage of using a list broker such as Capital List, is complete access to the hundreds of specific lists available. List compilers or managers may only specialize in a few types of lists. They may force you into the lists that they compile or manage which may not be the best fit for your project. Many of these companies also offer their lists on the internet for purchase. This may be an option for experienced mailers, but most companies require extensive consultation. At Capital List, our knowledge and experience allow us to provide our clients with the most targeted, up-to-date file for their promotion.

What qualifications do your list brokers have?

Bill Doughty and Sam Watkins have worked in the marketing list business for 25+ years. They started Capital List in 1997 and have helped hundreds of businesses with highly targeted business, consumer, and specialty marketing data for their advertising/outreach promotions.

Where do you get your lists?

Capital list only sources data from the most respected list compilers and list managers. Every list company has strengths and weaknesses. We help our clients avoid costly mistakes. We have partnerships with the best sources to help you reach your target audience.

How often are your lists updated?

All lists are updated on a regular basis. The frequency depends on the type of list. Some files are updated monthly, some quarterly and some are updated at the time of order processing. We can give you specific update dates at the time of process/order.

How accurate are your lists?

We only source the best files for accuracy. No list is perfect since they contain millions of records and are continually changing. We Guarantee our Consumer and Occupant Lists to be over 95% deliverable and our Business Lists to be over 90% deliverable. Any returns beyond those limits will be replaced or credited. Please see our website for details. Specialty lists have different guarantees depending on the file and compiler.

What types of marketing lists are available?

Hundreds of lists with thousands of targeted filters/selects! We do the legwork and list research at no additional cost to you!

What is a specialty list?

A Specialty List is a list that is outside the standard Consumer or Business list files. Some examples of specialty lists would be: Physicians by specialty or type of practice, New Movers/New Home Owners, Pet Owners, Graduating High School & College seniors, Bankruptcy information, Brides-to-be, Auto Loan Lease information, New Parents, Interests Hobbies, Boat Owners, Motorcycle owners and modeled credit file data just to name a few.

Do you do postal mailings?

At Capital List we specialize in the vehicle that gets your postal or e-mail promotion delivered. The List! We do not provide mailing services. We work with a large number of mailing companies throughout the country and can make connections if needed.

Can you print mailing labels for me?

Most lists are e-mailed in an excel format which can be mail-merged to other software for printing labels. We can also arrange for label printing for most small files. Labels are not recommended unless your mailing is very small.

Do I need a bulk rate permit for my mailing?

This depends on the quantity and type of mailing. Most mailing companies allow their clients to use their bulk rate permit for mailings if needed. Mailing companies or the USPS (United States Postal Service) can help direct you.

Should I use a mailing company/lettershop to process my mailing?

This also depends on the type of mailing and quantity. We highly recommend using a mailing company/lettershop to help with most direct mail programs. These companies have the tools to simplify the process and save you money by pre-sorting your mail and running the files through postal software such and NCOA (National Change of Address). The postage savings alone can help justify their fees.

What is the typical turn-around time for my list order?

Most lists are e-mailed the same day that they are ordered. Some specialty files can take an extra day for processing.

How and what type of format will my list be sent?

List orders are typically in an excel format then put into a (.zip) file with all related Postal reports and e-mailed as an attachment.

What is the process and how do I get started with a targeted marketing list?

The first step is research through some fact-finding. We prefer to speak with our clients over the phone. Customers can also complete the request for quote form on our website to get the process started. We ask many questions like: who is your target audience for your promotion? What is the target geography for your promotion? Do you have a target quantity? We then run free “counts” (the number of records available) from the best file available and provide pricing. We can fine-tune your list in many ways. And our goal is to consult our clients through the process.

I don’t have a good idea of who my customers are. Can you help me?

Through our modeling process we can profile your best customer file in an automated process that matches your list against a national compiled database to create a market penetration analysis. The resulting report highlights how your customers differ from those in your marketing universe. We can then apply the intelligence of your penetration analysis to your target market to create a custom prospect audience that looks like your best customers. Contact us for more information.

Can I get consumer phone numbers with my list?

Consumer phone numbers can be obtained. Phone numbers are “scrubbed” against the national Do-Not-Call registry. An updated SAN (Subscription Account Number*) registration number must be supplied to receive consumer phone numbers for telemarketing. More and more consumers delete their “Home” phone numbers and use cellular phones exclusively which reflects the quantities available.


What are the available geography selections on lists?

Not only can we target your lists with targeted demographics, we can help you target your area geographically. We can select by State, County, SCF, Zip Code, Zip4 & block groups. We can also help with custom mapping and radius around an address or location to a distance or quantity.

Are e-mail addresses released? What do you need for an e-mail broadcast? Can you e-mail broadcast to my e-mail list?

Yes, more and more Email list compilers are willing to release their Email addresses for third party marketing. However, you should be aware that you may not be able to use the records being provided because of the restrictions on your Email service provider’s user agreement. Be sure your provider will allow the use of third-party lists. If you choose to do your own broadcast, you are also responsible for compliance with all can spam regulations relating to Email Marketing and privacy.

We also offer Email appending to your current in-house Postal file which may be a better option. Since you already have a relationship with these people your Email is less likely to go into their “Junk” folder. Our recommendation is to always send your first broadcast with a Welcome introduction and a response request to Opt-Out if they don’t want more Email clogging up their in-box. This is good Email etiquette!

The best alternative is to have Capital List manage your campaign using one of our Double-Opt-In Email list compilers. You would provide the HTML Ad Copy, Subject and From lines and a short list of Email addresses to serve as a test for your review and approval. You can also include as many web links as you like on your ad. Once approved, we handle the broadcast on your schedule and provide tracking showing your campaign results. No worries, no liability, no hassle!

1 According to the life expectancy in 1930 for all races born in the United States was 59.7 years.
By 1950 the life expectancy had increased to 68.2 years and in 1960 life expectancy had increased again to 69 .7 years.

2 Osteoarthritis, Heart Disease, Cancer, Asthma & COPD, Dementias, Osteoporosis —
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3 Median Value of Assets for Households by Age
55 to 64 years old: $164,498
65 to 69 years old: $193,833
70 to 74 years old: $225,390
75+ years old: $197,758
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4 “Please, enjoy life, let’s celebrate age , period.”
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