Many organizations are marketing or planning marketing programs to Senior Citizens in Columbus, Ohio. Adult Seniors have needs for all types of products and services and many of them have specific needs, especially the older group of Seniors, eighty and up. This brings me to my first observation, there are many different sub-groups of Adult Seniors. I’m going to break these up into 3 groups by age. These are: age 80 plus, age 65 to 79 and age 55 to 64 just for example purposes here.
The first group of senior citizens that I have identified are the older group, age 80 plus. These folks have lived far beyond the life expectancy anticipated during their childhood and may have some special health requirements. They may live with a caregiver that could be a spouse or other family member. They may be in Senior Housing or have some form of in-home-care. Many of these may have medical needs that require special equipment such as hospital beds, oxygen equipment, stair lifts or a wheelchair just to name a few. They may need transportation services, since many of them no longer drive a car. These are just some examples of this group’s special requirements.
The next group of Columbus senior citizens are the 65 to 79 age group. These folks tend to be in better health and for that reason have different lifestyles. Many of these folks have downsized and are empty nesters with a home to maintain. Many may have the means to travel and want to work on their bucket list. They may need to travel to see children and grandchildren that have moved away. All of them have Medicare options to consider each year during open enrollment.The final group are the 55 to 64 age group. They are the freshman to the Senior Citizens market. Many of them don’t even consider themselves as Senior Citizens and marketers shouldn’t either in their approach. These folks are mostly working individuals. Many of these families still have adult children at home or in college. They have most of the same needs as the next generation has, but with a twist. These folks may be considering downsizing or may want to update their current home. They may be grappling with some new health related issue or need to change their lifestyle to accommodate their aging bodies. Some are helping their children launch, planning for a child’s wedding or anticipating a career change. They might be looking forward to retirement or may be seeking another income opportunity. Some may be planning their dream job doing something they always wanted to do.Any of these Columbus Senior Citizen groups can be identified and further refined beyond age, using many additional characteristics and survey data. Let us help you make your offer much more appealing and your conversion rates much higher. Contact Capital List if you would like to discuss your project with a Direct Marketing professional. You can also fill out our form to get a quote for your next direct mail campaign. We’re here to help you reach the most appropriate group of senior adults, with your message that will resonate in their life situation.

1 According to the life expectancy in 1930 for all races born in the United States was 59.7 years.
By 1950 the life expectancy had increased to 68.2 years and in 1960 life expectancy had increased again to 69 .7 years.

2 Osteoarthritis, Heart Disease, Cancer, Asthma & COPD, Dementias, Osteoporosis —
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3 Median Value of Assets for Households by Age
55 to 64 years old: $164,498
65 to 69 years old: $193,833
70 to 74 years old: $225,390
75+ years old: $197,758
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4 “Please, enjoy life, let’s celebrate age , period.”
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