The good news: a big market is getting biggerStraddling the Generations: Marketing to Seniors AND Their Families

If you are in the business of selling products or living space to seniors, you know that older adults and senior citizens are a growing market. As this demographic has grown significantly in the past decade, it has become all the more important to target these prospects with your marketing efforts. Capital List is here to help! We will explain how “marketing to seniors” has turned into “marketing to seniors and their families.” 

The United States Census Bureau says that by 2050, persons 65 and over will be 83.7 million, nearly 20% of the U.S. total.

Marketing to senior citizens and their families

Seniors – 55+ age group – represents the most affluent segment of the U.S.:

  • 55% of all financial institution depositors
  • Own 77% of all assets
  • Own 53% of homes
  • Have 5 times the net worth of the average American

These statistic show that this is a thriving market, which will only expand into the future. 

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Here comes the “however”…the kids are involved!

While the needs – and wants – of the older populations will be huge, there is a need to understand that the decision-making process will include more than just seniors.  Marketers need to understand that selling “the way it’s always worked” may no longer work when marketing to seniors and their families.   

Old-school strategies, focusing only on older adults are short-sighted.  The fact is that millions of adult children have had to take on the job of caring for their aging loved ones.  The younger generation will be involved in making decisions about Mom and Pop, Uncle Charlie and other elderly relatives – whether they want the job or not.

A more sophisticated approach that reaches both generations is required.   The members of the “sandwich generation” are trying to look out for their older relatives while trying to raise their own family.  The younger folks are already stressed just getting through their complicated day, so they are highly interested in any offerings that will let them feel that they’re doing the best for their older adults relatives’ comfort and safety AND make the burden less time intensive.  

Contact us for free list research, mailing, E-mail and Telemarketing Lists of all types.

Call Toll Free: 1-888-299-5478

How to reach the whole audience: senior citizens and their families

The fact is that while seniors like receiving mail and reading it carefully (Seniors are one of the biggest segments for mail-order buying) but their younger family members are all about websites and ordering from Amazon so they do their research online.  

One of the major blunders any marketer can make is thinking that the offer of a free premium item or “complete” information is all it takes to sell to the older market.  That will works with seniors themselves, and so will the detailed informational approach.   

But their younger counterparts are going to be part of the buying process.  

The Blended Approach

Succeeding in selling to older adults means that BOTH parts of the market need to be addressed.  

Segment Older Adults Younger Caregivers
Buying Attitude
  • Extremely cautious
  • Want personal touch
  • Get the information – ACT
  • Data-driven
Information Needs
  • Things to Read
  • Need “reasons why”  
  • Premiums WORK
  • Online Search
  • Succinct information
  • Reviews work
Decision Drivers
  • Clichés/Nostalgia
  • Comfort
  • Support from younger relatives
  • Logic
  • “Lighten my load”
  • Connectivity and visibility to monitor older folks

Using traditional direct marketing – direct mail, phone calls – will definitely appeal to older adults BUT their younger relatives will be involved, especially if it’s clear that their older family member requires greater assistance.  They do use email, because it’s one of the few ways they can regularly reach their younger family members, but it’s not their first choice.

The younger group will look at direct mail and monitor/comment on phone calls BUT they depend much more on getting online information and following their usual approach of search, inquire, and take action QUICKLY. They want to look, click and order, period, BUT they also check their email.

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How Capital List Can Help

We have all the interest and demographic categories to provide sophisticated and highly targeted lists with very specific criteria for – for mail, phone and email marketing.  All these sources will reach BOTH the older and younger segments anywhere in the US and – with E-mail – abroad as well

Because we work in multiple markets every day, including seniors and their caregivers, we can.  All these sources will reach BOTH the older and younger segments of the market.

But above and beyond lists, we can also provide examples and experienced-based advice on how to gain better results from the data we provide AND even how to make that a complementary part of an overall program.

Our comprehensive range of lists and long experience mean that working with Capital List brings you “All You Need to Know About Lists.”

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