The CFO Project


We frequently get requests from former customers who have moved on to new circumstances.
The reason these new/old customers contact us when they start working with a new company – TRUST.
All the clients who have worked with us know that they can trust us to deliver the quality of lists they need to meet their project objectives

The Need for Support and Consulting Expertise

We recently received an E-mail from a former client. This contact – “JP” – had been a regular user of our service while with his prior firm. The project we worked with him on was not only our first project for the new firm, it was his as well and he wanted to impress his new employer, a digital marketing and web design firm.

Their client is a Travel Management Consulting firm that works with mid-size organizations that do a substantial amount of travel.

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Tell us about your project

The Assignment

Our client provided us with some general information, such as high-potential business types (via SIC codes). The scope of the project included the entire U.S. as the Geography, Travel Expenditure and the type(s) of Titles they wanted to reach.

What’s Requested versus “What’s Available”

We began the project by running counts from five different compilers using two different criteria sets, one for the titles requested where available and a second for the remaining organizations where these titles were not available.

This is SOP – Standard Operating Procedure. We also try to get an exact match for “Titles Requested” first and then work to fine-tune the types of lists we can get to meet the overall requirements.

Solving the issue of Unavailable Criteria

It was difficult coming up with a qualified good-size list because “Travel Expenditure” is not something a list compiler tracks. After conferring with our contact, who spoke with this client we found some correlations between travel and readily available information – Sales Volume and Employee Size – as a workable alternative.

We ran into the same issues with the title – “Travel Manager” is not an available title to choose. We engaged in more investigation and discussion with our contact and the end user to resolve this issue.

After working with the client to determine their CRM information, we finally determined that CFO, VP Finance, Finance Executive and VP of Purchasing were the best prospect titles available, based on the client’s experience and records.

At that point, we helped our contact work with his client to fine-tune the criteria for the best possible list. Again referring to the CRM, the end user determined that they would take all the records for organizations with Annual Sales of $500MM to $999MM.

For larger organizations, with Sales of $100MM to $500MM more, more discussion and research indicated that just the Title “VP of Finance” would be the single best Title.

We revised our work several times to make sure that the list we provided was the absolute best that was available. After several tries and multiple counts, they were finally able to settle on one unified list.
The total number of records that were shipped was 2,709, and all indications are that they are completely happy with the end product, which means that whether they chose to execute the program as a one-time effort or as a continuing program, the list did what was supposed to do.

Bottom Line

Although we spent a great deal of time and effort over multiple weeks to help the contact and the end user to figure out who the actual prospects should be, the final cost for the list was nominal.

The nature of our business is that it takes a lot of work to generate the best list, but it’s worth it to have a happy – and successful – customer.

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